In March 2021 JAYA Beauty made a pledge that was to become a key pillar for the company.

To donate 2% of all sales to Charity.

We wanted you to be able to see exactly what was being donated, and to have a choice in what the contribution supported.

This is double the amount that most companies who donate actually give. It’s a totally transparent way of supporting good charities versus the '% of profits' approach that companies often use, and that can we dressed up as white-washed marketing.  

We want to empower you to choose, and we take the cut off our margins.

When you buy directly through you can choose which charity to pledge the contribution to from your purchase (it’s on the checkout page). We will report back to you (via our social channels) how much we have raised for each charity. This is a new way of giving for us, so we'll review how often this is possible with our current manpower, but our aim is every 6 months.

We welcome your feedback regarding which charities are important to you, and to get the ball rolling our founding JAYA team have selected charities covering mental health, women's rights, the environment, refugees, and race. All of which are charities close to our heart.

If we expand into retail, this pledge will still remain, and we will support the same charities that have been carefully selected on the website.

Giving feels good.