Hi, I'm Vicky - welcome to JAYA.

JAYA is so much more than just skincare – because how you look and how you feel is linked to so many other areas of your wellbeing; your hormones,  stress-levels, genes,  sleep (or lack of!), exercise, diet, headspace and pollution.

JAYA is here to make skincare simple. Whether you are in absolute denial that your hormones are kicking in or whether you are hitting the wall with frustration, we are here to help you get into good habits and deliver the results that you demand.

Everything that we do has you and our planet at the centre of our hearts. Because we believe that together we can care for our skin better.

With two daughters approaching teenage years, I feel more passionate than ever about helping people feel (and look) good because of who they are, not who they feel they ought to be.

Over the last three years, I’ve absorbed masses of information from industry experts and spoken to hundreds of people about their views on skincare.

It was very obvious from an early stage that people don’t know which products they should buy to support youthful skin, and they are desperate for more transparent, greener products that are as high performing as they are planet friendly.

I worked alongside a team of top British skincare chemists to find the most effective plant-based ingredients on the market.

We compiled a (long) list of what we absolutely would not include in product formulations, and created a very clear list of unwavering company values. I’ll only work with suppliers who agree to these values and share our vision. 

It has taken much feedback, tweaking and listening to you, to perfect our formulas and we hope you love the results as much as us!

The beauty industry is renowned for the waste it generates. Being an outsider, I didn’t look at how things are ‘normally’ done - I wanted to do them in the most environmentally efficient way, supporting those who are local and, where possible, under-represented. It is this commitment that made working towards B Corp certification such a perfect fit.

We know there is always more to be done – it will take time, commitment and patience – but we are committed to doing beauty better in every way, together.

Vicky x