We use as little packaging as possible - it's why we don't have outer cartons on our products.

Whilst we are very aware of using plastic in our packaging, we have tried to use it in the most responsible way and use as little of it as possible! We use as much recycled plastic content in our JAYA® packaging as we can and really hope that once you have used every last drop of your products, that the packaging can again be recycled. We have to work together on this :)

Please cut your tubes in half and rinse before adding to your appropriate recycling bin - or even taking to a bathroom waste collection point. See here for a map with local collection points in the UK.

Our 100% recycled plastic jars in addition to being recycled again could be repurposed into something new. For example a useful earning jar - how might you extend the life of yours?

NEW Pouch Return Scheme

Available only for the new JAYA® prebiotic, charcoal body scrub, all orders sent out directly from jayabeauty.com will include a prepaid envelope for you to return your empty pouch. We will ensure the pouch is sent to an appropriate recycle centre to ensure it stays out of landfill. 

This new pouch uses 60% less plastic than a tube comparative (by weight) so we hope you'll agree this is a good move! As always please do drop us a line with any feedback or ideas how we can further improve.